Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Damnit, I'm Proud of Myself!

I had a hell of a few weeks of working out. And I've had a hell of a few weeks of negative self-talk. I was assigned a new trainer at the gym, where I've been washing my money away with a very nice but not very effective trainer. Mat is kicking my ass, and my legs and my triceps and every other muscle in my body. I've thrown up after two sessions, found out that I have hip flexor muscles that can ruin my weekend, and learned that burpees and some unreal negative self-talk will be the death of me. Pretty much I've cried after each session.

But on my way home today I've had a realization that I hope happens again - it may be all that gets me through.

My body has done more for me than I can ever imagine, and I should be...no I am...proud of what I've done so far. It hasn't been very long but I need to "celebrate the wins" as I've been told in a past life. I ripped my legs apart at my Friday training, limped around like a 99-year-old woman with two replaced hips on Saturday, played some serious Tag with three boys on Sunday, ran five and a half miles on Monday and did deadlifts for a half an hour tonight.

I'm exhausted, but absolutely proud of what I've done in the last four days. There's a long way to go, and some serious poundage to lose. But damnit, I'm proud of myself!

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