Friday, June 24, 2011

The Walk Down the Aisle

Friday nights have turned into my chance to throw myself into wedding planning. I love watching Say Yes to the Dress, diving into designs for invitations and flowers and dreaming about...wait for awesome the groom's cake is going to be! (shh!! super-surprise!)

I certainly won't be giving anything away on here. The ladies that are with me on planning are in-the-know but I truly believe in the element of surprise for my wedding day. I've probably shared this story a million times, but it bears repeating.

The greatest moment of my sister's wedding was when she came down the aisle after being hidden away from the view of her groom. She worked hard at keeping the dress a secret and she was proud and excited for what she chose. It had elements that, I've only recently learned from her while on my own search, were a nod to "where we came from." We are so very similar in wanting to keep our family history rich and close to us, even in the form of our wedding dress.

I have to be honest, I don't remember watching her walk down because I couldn't take my attention away from my brother-in-law. See, I was a miserable 16-year-old who was used to being an only child for some time. Just before the wedding, my sister and now brother-in-law moved in with us for a short time, and seriously cramped my style. I was hardly his biggest fan, and it took some time to get used to having a new member of the family. I thought he was a jerk and I thought that my sister was disappearing from our family. Frankly, I was a 16-year-old girl that didn't understand what was happening and what marriage meant...for my sister or for our family.

But the turning point that laid the foundation for my relationship with my brother-in-law was the moment my big sister came down the aisle. She was gorgeous, and I could read it on his face. They were the only two in the packed room and the amazement that he expressed has been what I've been on the search for.

While cake, and flowers, and music take up a lot of my planning with The Best Boy, all I truly want is for that same "oh my god" look on his face. The Best Boy isn't the kind of guy who is gobsmacked by much. He's a lot like my Dad in that way... So I'm not sure what I'll get, but that's my inspiration for searching out a gorgeous dress and getting rid of the "bat flaps" for my triceps and flabby gut.

If I can get just an inkling of that amazement from him, I will melt...

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  1. Ok. Now this post just made me tear up! YOU ARE GOING TO BE STUNNING!

    And for the first time, well, in at leasy my adult life you made me consider doing the walk down the aisle. I always pictured having that first moment in private and then walking in together. :)